Doctor’s For Vizag

Welcome to Doctor’s For Vizag Page

Hello Users , This App is Still Under Devolepment and we need to create a Database on The list so it will take a Looong Time to Update the App so Please Check the Site Regularly For More Updates on the App

Update: We Created the database for the app and it’s still in Beta so try and install the app , for suggestions please leave a comment in the comment section

Update 2: The app has a serious bug which is messing up with the website and not letting others access information so please bear with us while we fix this bug up ! )

Update 3: We are adding a Login screen and verify users such that there may be no scams within the app , this will take a lot of time and it is even taken down the play-store there is a Beta available for testing use the Contact Form for the Link after the testing phase it will be released widely .

-Pavan Kalyan Neerukonda


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